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 Challenge Jeunesse et Young Adult 

Une nuit où j’avais oublié de mettre un peu de livre dans la Kindle, j’ai choisi de prendre ce vieux classique dans les livres gratuits d’Amazon.

Synopsis : Twelve-year-old Katy Carr lives with her widowed father and her five brothers and sisters in a small midwestern town called Burnet. Her father, a doctor, is very busy and works long hours. The children are mostly cared for by their paternal Aunt Izzie, who is very particular, and something of a scold. Under these circumstances Katy, a bright, headstrong, hasty girl, can hardly avoid getting into mischief almost daily; however, she is unfailingly remorseful afterwards  She dreams of someday doing something « grand » with her life – painting famous pictures, saving the lives of drowning people or leading a crusade on a white horse. At the same time, she wants to be « beautiful, of course, and good if I can ». When her mother died four years earlier, Katy promised to be a little mother to her siblings; however, she leads them into all sorts of exciting adventures and is sometimes impatient and cross with them. (suite…)